Ruth Ann,
Just wanted to say what a great weekend and sale you
You and June inside and Don and Rachel outside and
you cannot get any better than you all.
I made many a trip to the car to put all the goodies you all
had. WOW, how the heck you marked all that stuff and
everything full of goodies just waiting to be had.
Your sales far pass anyone else with all the surprises and
the greatest folks to help you and make you feel at home.
I even got to help pack up some stuff for the buyers
outside and help Don some, as he figured the prices I
packed them for the customers.
Bless you all and your sales are pure heaven.
See you at another winner of a sale.
H. K.
Love those estate sales by Ruth Ann
We take pride in delivering
world-class service to all of our

As per several requests to

post comments on line,
read what a few of our
satisfied clients & customers
have said about us!
"I just wanted to tell you
how much we appreciate
the HARD WORK you and
your team did!  We were
overwhelmed with 50 years
of stuff to deal with. Your
separated the collectables
and even did the research
on little known items to
PROVE the value based on
EBAY sales. Any thing we
missed of value was We
have been telling everyone
what a great job you did.
PLUS the FEE you charged
was really FREE ! Yes,
FREE ! Since you were able
to establish the value and
get more $$ for the items of
value than we would have
received. If anyone needs a
reference, please have
them call me. We were in
fact a little apprehensive
about a commission. It was
really free, not a
commission, since you got
4 times what we would
have ever got PLUS you
organized it in a very
professional manner and
provided a good value to
the buyers as well.
Regards, Dan"
Hi Ruth Ann,

This note is to sing the praises of Estate Sales by Time & Again.  
Thank you is not  nearly enough to cover the relief I felt when I
handed the contents of Mom's house over to you for disposition so I
could go home to Pennsylvania.

If you ever need a reference, please feel free to give my name and
contact information.  I would be happy to recommend your services
to anyone.

Thanks again,

Lucy Kitchen
Ruth Ann Franklin, owner of Time and Again, conducted an
estate sale for the family of Rosalee B.....  Before, during and
after the sale we were extremely impressed with the Items were
priced in order to maximize profits while still providing Almost
all items were individually priced, with the exception being
some clothes and books.  Items were organized to allow for
quick perusal by individuals with specific interests.  These
methods resulted in quite a substantial number of sales.
The neighbors were equally impressed with the way in which
the sale was conducted.  Not only was their property
respected, but at least two were provided somewhat special
treatment, this was greatly appreciated by us since the
neighbors had been of much help during Mrs. B....’s latter years.
Ms. Franklin is open and honest about each phase of the
process.  We knew exactly what to expect and were impressed
from the time we signed the agreement for the sale until the
time we signed for the receipt of the proceeds of the sale.
We highly recommend the use of the services of Time and
Again for all estate sale needs.

Rosalee's Family
Thank you so much for for us.  
pleased with the amount of stuff
We received your check and are
you were able to sell.  Especially
the large items - - even the fur
sofas!  That's amazing!  I'm glad
things they needed or were able
to get some gift items.  
Thank you again for your work
and your crew.  I know it was a
huge job.

Happy New Year!
Leslie & Chuck"
"Hi Ruth Ann,

Thank you for alerting me to this
We came Friday morning and really
enjoyed it.
Everything was arranged nicely
and the prices were very good I
I bought several books and am
grateful to you for using the post-it
notes rather than the usual type
Made them easy to remove when I
got home (and they don't tear away
any book)
Please keep me on your list and let
me know as more come up.

“Dear Ruth Ann,

and thanks very much for all
your trouble in doing the sale. I
hope it was a success for you,
because it was such a load off
my mind.
I am quite pleased with the
monetary outcome. It is far
more than I could have
expected, had I had to do it
myself. I am settled in my new
environment, and have
everything pretty much in place.
Thanks again for making the
move and the sale so easy for


Thank you for the job you did for
my estate sale.
Your professionalism of your work
was so impressive to me.
It was great to have met you and I
recommend anyone to seek this

Yours truly,
Glad to see you all are
having a sale as it has been
boring and we have missed
seeing you great nice
We are addicted to your
Estate sales.
See you there.
H and D"
You all are the best and friendliest bunch we have ever met.
Just love spending money with you.
You all really know how to display people’s items to sell, and your
pictures and items listed are the best.
See you soon at another one of your great sales.
Company : “Got To Buy From Ruth Ann's Estate Sales”
Unending thanks to
you & your crew.